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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reloading? Good Luck With THAT!

So this morning, I got an email from Natchez Shooters Supply that had this graphic:

It was an ad for a sale on scales, calipers, case cleaners and other tools. Many would be nice to have.

But there is little point in buying any of that stuff if you can't buy powder, primers or bullets.

I decided to try reloading last year and began to assemble the various pieces of kit necessary to do that. I bought a little bit at a time. But by the time I got to the point of needing to buy consumables, well, none were to be had. My gun club has a full schedule of matches and I'd like to participate in some of them. But without being assured that if I, say, shoot two boxes of .38s at at PPC match, that I can replace the rounds, whether by reloading or buying new, I'm probably not going to go out and play.


w3ski said...

My old but sweet RCBS Rock Chucker has been my back up since about 1977. Slow and steady and .32 auto to 7.62 Nato.
Without powder and primers tho, it is just another paperweight. I got zillions of good brass for everything I own, but most are empty and that does me little good. I used to live near a specialty reloading shop and had the funds to stock up on Brass at the time. They had shop cast bullets in 500 packs for a real reasonable price too. Their .357 158 gr swc were just hard enough to get a great mid range load without smearing up my lands and grooves. It's been 12 to 15 years now and I still have a couple hundred of those loaded. A plus P.38 in a mag case. They will shoot cloverleaf groups in my Model 19 if I do my part.
You know, I really miss the time before the great ammo shortage of 13'.

bearsense said...

The "shortage" has basically put an end to my range visits (and it shows).
I really find the absence of .22 LR amazing.

Frank W. James said...

Misfit: I've got an ample supply of small pistol primers, but I need small rifle primers. If you can score some of them I'll gladly trade because I have always kept 10,000+ in supply, but I screwed up and miscounted my small rifle primer supply and now I'm out...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Comrade Misfit said...

Frank, I've not seen any primers in the stores. Not even the ones for black powder guns are on the shelves.

w3ski said...

Now That gets my antenna twitching. Both sides claim the ammo shortage is the 'other side' buying it up, but who the hell is buying up Black Powder stuff? That makes less sense than .22s. Are arrows and compound bows next to get scarce?

Comrade Misfit said...

I have no idea who is buying up all of this crap. A guy at a LGS said that he took three Federal bulk-packs of .22 to a show and sold them for $60 apiece.

I told him that Cheaper Than Dirt was selling 500-round bricks of crap .22 ammo for $150. Cripes, I can still buy a tin of Mosin ammo for less than that!