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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Reason to Stay Home If You're Going to Drink

Maybe it's not an easy job to sit in an air-conditioned trailer in Nevada and serve out death to people on the other side of the planet (or the country). But there is no personal risk involved, other than the risks of driving down the road to a job that one might not enjoy.

But the mere thought that in forty years, some geezer is going to be sitting on a bar stool and whining about "how hard it was to drive a drone during the War on Terrrah" is enough to make me glad that I'm already getting old.


montag said...

Probably read stories about what happens when they get drunk on the job before you have to worry about who you will meet at the "Vets".

XR650L_Dave said...

I would say yes, and no to your sentiment.

Yes, until someone starts ID'ing and trailing these guys home (I'm sure there are cells in the US attempting this right now) they and their families are not in harm's way.
These guys know they are killing people.
They (unlike our gov't) are hoping like hell they are killing the right ones.
They see the results more up-close-and-personal than when they were driving bomb trucks, large or small.

These guys are not yet video-gamers who are not impacted by what they are doing.