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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Word to the Neo-Con Chickenhawks

Charles Pierce on the NeoCons at the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War:
Shut up, all of you. Go away. You are complicit in one way or another in a giant crime containing many great crimes. Atone in secret. Wash the blood off your hands in private. Because there were people who got it right. Anthony Zinni. Eric Shiseki. Hans Blix. Mohamed ElBaradei. The McClatchy Washington bureau guys. Dozens of liberal academics who got called fifth-columnists and worse. Professional military men whose careers suffered as a result. Hundreds of thousands of people in the streets around the world. The governments of Canada and France. Those people, I will listen to this week. Go to hell, the rest of you, and go there in silence and in shame.
He has a lot more words for the New York Times, which is slinking around this anniversary, hoping that few will remember their supine connivance in the Bush Administration's use of the Times as their own personal megaphone.

I think it is kind of Pierce to suggest that some of the neo-cons ought to be pilloried outside of Walter Reed Army Hospital.* They should have been crucified outside of the major military hospitals, the Army Burn Center, and the VA medical centers. Failing that, when they appear in public, they should have to walk three paces behind a bell-ringing crier, who would announce to everyone: "A war criminal is approaching", so the people ahead can ready their rotten tomatoes and stones.

Those neocons were so sure that they were right in their justification for the war. Those of us who did not agree with them were belittled, insulted and our patriotism was questioned. Those who did not agree and who worked for the government were fired.**

Dance around it all you wish, neo-cons and your fellow ass-monkeys. You were wrong. You cost this nation trillions of dollars. You have a lot of blood on your hands: Thousands of American soldiers and contractors. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Millions of Iraqis who were displaced, even to this day. Trillions of dollars thrown down that rathole of a war. The revelation that, if America was "the shining city on a hill", the cellars of that city was a warren of black prisons and torture chambers, overseen by American torquemadas.

And if there was any chance of a favorable outcome in Afghanistan, you clowns wrecked it by diverting resources to your folly.

Damn you all. Damn anyone who won't damn you all.
* Other than the point that it's closed.
** Lawrence Lindsey was fired for estimating that the war would cost $200 billion, an estimate that is at least an order of magnitude low.


D. said...

Thanks. I get too mad.

Phil said...

Yeah, well said EB.
That little fiasco murdered this country too.
Being called a traitor, the fucking colored threat chart they used to scare people with so conveniently when they needed a bump in the ratings. all of the shit this country went through.
The Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, the torture justifications, all of it, still pisses me off to the point I am stabbing the keys with two fingers just thinking about it.

The fact none of those chicken hawk neocon motherfuckers never got paid one second of retribution and walk freely STILL stirring shit up causes me great amounts of undying hatred for their rotten asses.

Joe said...

The only one who paid a price for supporting the war was Hillary Clinton.

Nangleator said...

Those nineteen lunatics probably never imagined they'd have so much enthusiastic help from our own government in disassembling the soul of our country.