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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cable News Idiots

I opened my newspaper this morning and saw this cartoon:

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(It came from here)
Video here

And then Jon Stewart pointed out how all of the cable news idiots* focused on President Obama's science-fiction flub and completely ignored Speaker Boehner's outright lie.

Stewart has it right. Speaker Boehner should be immediately removed for utter incompetence. But he won't, because his Republican base is incapable of distinguishing between Constitutionally-mandated government functions and crime.

Because they are ideological idiots.
* Admittedly, "cable news idiots" is a tad redundant.


Sarah said...

CNN - the Cringeworthy news network. To be generous, it was a egregiously stupid seque from a winter storm "global warming" reference to an asteroid story. Not making excuses for a talking airhead, but I wonder if they hear what they're saying sometimes.

Stewart hit the bullseye on this story. StarWars/StarTrek = not news. Blatant lies on Sunday talk shows = should be news.

*Stewart, not Steward. Usually I spell his first name wrong.

Comrade Misfit said...

Fixed, thanks!