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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Caturday; Warm Cat is Warm Edition

Jake is warming himself on two sides.

That is a heated cat bed he's lying on. The Sun is shining through the window; it'll have risen enough soon so that the sunbeam won't be there. But for now, he is taking full advantage of it, occasionally rolling over to get the sunbeam on a different part of his back.

At 17, he's an old man.

Update: I have two of those pads, for I formerly had three cats. I took the heating element out of one of them and washed the pad. It's back on the chair and Jake's asleep on it.


Nangleator said...

I don't know how we live through a cat's death, since there should by all rights be a sudden, catastrophic release of stored energy from a lifetime of heat thievery!

w3ski said...

Nothing more sleep inducing than a purring cat in a warm spot. I feel like a nap just watching your cat.

BadTux said...

Jake is a lucky kitteh to have a sunbeam to warm part of him. My poor old man has to turn over on his heated cushion like a rotisserie to get the same effect. (And he does, he totally does, he warms one side, turns over, and warms the other).