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Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Was Once "Unthought Of", Eventually Becomes "Meh".

It was once unthought of that the police would have the right to accost citizens on their peaceful daily routine. But it is more and more common. The "reasonable suspicion" for a frisk, as in Terry v. Ohio, has morphed into the "furtive movement" testilie that is commonly resorted to by the NYPD, among others. The Feds now vacuum all electronic communications, so much so that the NSA has to keep building new server farms to hold all of the data. The loosening of 4th Amendment protections, done to facilitate going after terrorists, has been almost entirely used by the Feds for other investigations.

Oh, you could convert your savings to cash, so the Feds wouldn't be able to look at your financial transactions. But then they'd just confiscate your money, claim it was illicitly obtained by you, and you have to prove otherwise.

So the idea that the government is even cracking open the door to using drones to kill people on American soil is most disturbing. Because sooner or later, we wi as a nation, get to the point where the cops will feel justified in using a drone to kill somebody because either the SWAT team was on a coffee and doughnuts break, or because of budget cuts.

We need to stop this shit now. Before it becomes acceptable.


Nangleator said...

A whole fucking team of cops can't even knock down the right door, when standing RIGHT THERE. SWAT teams make this mistake routinely.

How well do you think they'll do identifying the right target from a monitor showing an image from a flying robot?

I think what we'll see when they finally get flying Terminators is new laws letting them hide their operations from us. Their operations and all the collateral effects.

Frank W. James said...


All The Best,
Frank W. James

One Fly said...

Nobody is going to do shit to change the direction we are headed and that's a fact! Knowing what is right and what needs to be done means little. Optimism is needed but that just does not cut in these times. We have little if no control of what goes on in DC.