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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guns, Taxes and Airplanes

I have been on the lookout for a .22 revolver. I once had a K-22, but I loaned that out and it was quote stolen unquote. I'd like to get another one, but I haven't seen a used K-22/Model-17 for less than $600. At that price, I can buy a used Model-19 and four hundred rounds of .38 (when it's in stock). So, no Model-17 for that.

The gun shops have various singe-action .22s. Do not want. One had a Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 for $425. Frankly, it felt like a cheap piece of shit.

I stopped by a gun store and groused at the lack of .22 revolvers. The sales guy said "we're switching over from Taurus 94s to Ruger LCRs in .22 for our CCW classes." I asked the wuffo question. The answer was that the instructors wanted to use the snubbies because they can just drop them into a jacket pocket. So I asked what they were doing with the Tauruses. (Taurii?)

Got one for just over $300.

Bore's bright, lockup is solid. Yeah, it's not a K-22, but it'll be a good range/field gun.

And, better yet, I was able to score this!

.22 is about the hardest to find these days. One LGS had a bunch, but it was all Lapua match ammo at $13.50 for a box of 50. This is more better. Man, for the days when one could pick up a 550 round Federal bulk pack for $14!

Time to do my taxes, but I couldn't find a form that I needed. I just swept everything from my coffee table onto the floor and found it. Now I just have to do the plug-&-chug and find out how much I owe.

And just for the dream of warmer, better weather, a T-6. From the ADF housing on the back, this one was an instrument trainer at one point.

The annual on my airplane starts this week, so expect to read lots of grousing.

Anyway, I think I'm done with buying guns for the time being.


Peter said...

Heh. Miss D.'s also beginning her plane's annual this week. Funny how testy pilots get at this time of the flying year . . . and how the bank balance sinks!


Old NFO said...

Ouch, hope you come out the other end in one piece... And nice find on the Taurus!

Eck! said...

Taxes meh,
Taurus good,
Yellow airplanes with round engines, priceless!

Taurus looks to be great bangity fun.


w3ski said...

Now I see how much .22 ammo has gone up. $300 bucks for 200 'shorts' and they throw in a free revolver.
I was wondering what would happen if I bought another .22 and said "no ammo, no sale". I mean what good is a new gun you can't shoot?

Phil said...

I saw fifty round boxes of .22 going for $25.00 on the net yesterday!
I thought I was getting bent over when I paid $7.50 3 weeks ago at a gun show!
Have you looked at Ammo Bot yet?

Google it.

Comrade Misfit said...

I did. I can shoot a Mosin rifle cheaper than most of those prices. A standard (not match grade) brick of .22 from Cheaper Than Dirt for 42 cents a round?

Screw that.