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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why the "Universal Background Checks Bill" Sucks

I am referring to Senate Bill 374, which has been reported out of committee. The full text is here, in PDF format.

First, go to page 12 and begin reading on line 10. This describes that isn't a transfer. Line 16 through line 2 on the next page pretty much states that if you have a gun in your home, and if you have roommate or a relative who isn't your sibling, parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, or a spouse and you go away for more than 7 days, the Feds will deem that as you've given the guns to your your roomie. If you go on a vacation and you have a house-sitter or a pet-sitter, they're deemed to have possession of your guns after seven days.

Now go to page 13 and begin reading at line 6. If you and your buddy are shooting on an informal target range, say, your backyard or out in the woods, and you hand your gun to your buddy to try out, that's a "transfer" for the purposes of this bill. If you are hosting a SASS competition on your land and one guy hands another one his gun to shoot, that's a "transfer".

Do any of that and you're subject to the penalties contained in 18 USC 924(a)(1).

That's five years in Federal prison. Five years for going shooting at your buddy's woodlot and saying: "Hey, Dude, wannta try shooting this gun?" That's five years in Federal prison for both you and your friend.

That's five years in Federal prison for you and your roomie or house-sitter if you take a ten day vacation.

Call and write your senators. Kill this bill!

1 comment:

Grand said...

This is simply making normal behavior into criminal behavior. If any simple act that you do makes you a criminal, then that will be used as an excuse to jail/drone you.

This also is another step to make owning a gun unattractive. If you never know what you are doing that might be illegal, why the hell would you take a risk and own a gun?

Demonizing the gun is a way around the 2nd amendment.