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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Caturday, or "Why Does My Laptop Keep Overheating" Edition

Probably because the heat sink is clogged.

Totally worth it.


Old NFO said...

That is a LOT of hair to vacuum out... :-D

w3ski said...

What is it about cats and computers. My oldest girl sleeps on the table so I expect some jealousy over the keyboard.
It's just that whenever any of the other cats jump up, the first thing they do is walk on my keyboard. Why is this such a thing to them?

BadTux said...

Ah, cat hair, the bane of computer owners everywhere. From time to time I must clean the crusted cat hair off the intake vents to my computer (which is a large server thingy with howling fans). Regarding keyboards, I fastened a slide-out keyboard tray underneath my computer desk. I slide it in when I'm not actively typing. I still end up replacing computer keyboards at least once a year because so much cat hair gets into it despite attempts to vacuum/blow it out that keys quit working or start sticking.

As for why cats appear fascinated by computers, I think it's because they're jealous that we give the computer attention that they believe should be theirs. Our task is to worship them, which means giving them our undivided attention at all times. Well, at all times of their choosing. Otherwise it's a case of, "meet Mr. Paw." Heh.