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Monday, March 11, 2013

Taking Care of Veterans- Another Empty Promise

Depending on where a veteran happens to live, it can take upwards of 500 days for a basic VA claim to be processed. The only thing that seems to be happeneing in the Obama Administration is that the situation keeps getting worse.*

If you are a veteran with a serious problem, it may be worth the trouble to move to Maine, South Dakota or Minnesota. At least there, the claim will be processed in 3-4 months.
* Heckovajob, Barry!


30 and whatever said...

What the frak is wrong with you? This isn't a barry problem, this is a traditional government functionality problem. Why in the f@ck would you blame barack for these kinds of organizational issues? Making these kind of connective relationships (obama being directly responsible for how the va functions) makes you as retardedly reactive as the tea partiers.

Comrade Misfit said...

Because he has been in office for over four years and this isn't getting any better. There is no serious plan to make it any better.

He owns this one. Unless you are conceding that the presidency is a figurehead job?