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Friday, March 15, 2013

The National Circus

A long time ago, a ship I was riding made a port visit to Israel.* Not having much to do in port, I took advantage of a guided tour to Masada. On the way back, the bus detoured to Jerusalem for a "drive-by" tour of the sights.

One of the things the guide pointed out was what he referred to as "the National Circus of Israel". It was this building:

The sailors on the bus began asking questions about whether they had live performances, how much were the tickets and were any shows scheduled during the port visit, so they could go and watch. That's when the guide had to admit that it was the Knesset building. The Knesset has a very long reputation of being little more than a dysfunctional collection of self-aggrandizing imbeciles.**

Well, we have our own National Circus:

Between Sen. Ted Cruz's tea-fueled campaign to keep trying to repeal Obamacare and the Democrats pushing a gun control bill that won't be enacted, it's hard to take any of those clowns seriously.

And they are clowns and not just garden-variety clowns, but ass clowns. They're wasting time when there are serious challenges facing this country. It's not just them, of course, for the Administration is complicit in much of this congressional circle-jerking, what with Joe Biden going around the country, telling women they should buy an 1870s-era shotgun if they feel the need for a weapon.

So as the climate warms and the seas rise and nothing is done to develop any method of deflecting asteroids and the middle class is being squeezed out of existence and none of the banksters were sent to prison and the "too big to fail" banks keep getting larger and engaging in the same stupid risk-taking that they did before (because it cost them nothing the last time around), our National Circus will continue on basically doing nothing but making noise.
* Never you mind what I was doing on that ship.
** I think you'd find that most Israelis would say that I am being overly generous in that description.

1 comment:

Phil said...

Lol, I took half of crazy Uncle Joe's advice. Now that FedGov called him for his personal approval I got to bring a Mossberg 500 home from the gun show.