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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Cluelessness of MSNBC is Pathetic

The results of the search of the Newtown Asswipe's home have been released. Besides the weaponry (four firearms) he brought to the scene of his unspeakable crime, two others and a BB gun were found in the house. The ones in the house were two bolt-action rifles, a Savage Mk II and a Lee Enfield .303 (which MSNBC thinks is an "Enfield Albian.323", a weapon I've not heard of*).

Six guns. MSNBC terms that as a "massive arsenal".

Let me be plain about this: Roughly 90% of the people I know who own firearms have more than that. When my gun club has a "bowling pin match", the classes are these: .38/357 DA, .44/.454 DA, 9mm/.38 Super, .45 ACP, pocket revolver, pocket auto, .22 auto, .22 DA revolver, .22 SA revolver, and SA centerfire. A lot of the shooters who turn out for those matches shoot in every freaking classification. Sure, there is some cross-over, but not a lot. So a shooter who is coming out for a day of bangity fun is bringing about ten handguns.**

Some also compete in the several different types of rimfire and centerfire rifle matches as well. A shooter who competes in SASS shooting has at least four guns just for that purpose, and the really serious shooters have a spare one two with them.

A "massive arsenal"? Maybe by Upper West Side of Manhattan standards. Certainly not by upstate NY standards, or almost anywhere else. And a BB gun is part of a "massive arsenal"? It is shit such as this that leads tens of millions of firearms owners to conclude that the mainstream press is both clueless and engaging in propaganda on this issue.

"Cluelessness" comes in because the Asswipe had .45 ammunition and no such weapon was recovered. There were also magazines for a Ruger 10/22, a rifle which also didn't appear in the evidence list. If those reporters knew something about firearms, they might have questioned it. But fat chance of that.
* And which is apparently unknown to Google or Bing. Maybe the Enfield-Albion rifle is one of the missing Iraqi WMDs? Somebody should notify Dick Cheney.
** And spending the next several evenings cleaning them.


Phil said...

Yeah, I have been seeing the word "Arsenal" being over used a lot lately.
It seems anything over two firearms is now considered an arsenal.
Sheeit, by their standards I am a wild eyed conspiracy theorist/ survivalist/domestic terrosrist with a massive arsenal.

Anyone who owns a .22 for plinking and has more than two fifty round boxes on hand is now a scary potential mass murderer with a fucking arsenal when in fact if you have less than a thousand rounds on hand you know you hardly have enough for a serious day of target practice and chasing pop cans around.

The MSM have the bit in their teeth and are running with it.

bmq215 said...

Re: the Enfield it appears as if .323 is a typo and Albion refers to the manufacturer. Guessing MSNBC just tried throwing out as much info as they had in an effort to look like they knew what they were talking about.


Unknown said...

Yes, every report I found states the obvious typo of .323 even though ammo found includes Federal 303 and 3030.

Besides the 2 10/22 mags, there are also .45 rounds listed. I suppose it's possible that the Lanzas used to own firearms capable of using those items.

More anomalies:

Washington Post states, "A 12-gauge shotgun was found in the passenger area of his car parked outside the school." This is consistent with reporting early on the day of the slaughter, but then we saw video shot that night of a shotgun being unloaded and removed from the trunk.

Item #21 -One "Savage Mark II" .22cal rifle, SN 1605038, with magazine, 3 live rounds, and 1 spent cartridge.
Item #22 -(1) spent .22cal shell casing.

Nancy Lanza is reported to have been shot 4 times in the face with a .22. The Savage Mk II holds 5 rounds. Are we to assume Adam reloaded with 4 rounds after shooting her and then fired one more round? Where are the other 3 spent cases?

"3 Photographs with images of what appears to be a deceased human covered with plastic and blood."

Unknown said...

The Search Warrant itself lists:
One Enfield Albian bolt action rifle, .323 caliber, model no. 44MKI, SN HC 22272A

So we can't blame the media, except for not fact-checking a government report.

Unknown said...

Also from one of the warrants:

"Exhibit #605 - One (1) receipt for Timstar Shooting Range located in Weatherford, 0k and one (1) NRA certificate
for Nancy Lanza. "

There is a Tin Star shooting range in Weatherford, OK

Oct. 5, 2012 Nancy Lanza e-mail to sister-in-law, Marsha Lanza lists places Nancy had been in previous year:
"‘Boston, New York, Maine, Toronto, London, San Francisco, Nantucket, Charlotte, Baltimore...that covers this year : )’

I can find nothing that would tie Nancy to OK.

Eck! said...

"massive arsenal", does that mean he had a large work area and power tools for making and modifying arms???

The arsenal is the garage where I work on things prior to transfer to the armory
for storage. Can't the people trained in words use them right.

My armory is obviously larger as it has 5 pellet guns, 3 rifles and two pistols.
One of the rifles has a large capacity magazine (look up Crossman 760) and I have thousands of rounds of pellets. Oh my!

/end sarc/


Comrade Misfit said...

Sure as hell I can blame them. A distant relative of mine is a reporter. When that reporter is working on a story comes up that involves areas that I happen to know a shitload about, I get a phone call for fact-checking. Takes a few minutes and it saves a buttload of hurt on the reporter's part.

Comrade Misfit said...

I have a Savage Mk II. I have some 10-round magazines for it.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Comrade.

Unknown said...

Agreed. This is another example of "journalists" merely transcribing what the officials feed them.

I meant, and should have written that we can't blame them for the typo, but could blame them for not fact-checking.

Comrade Misfit said...

Didn't we get enough of "reporters as stenographers" during the Irag war? Will they never learn that when a government official is speaking or releasing data, that every single fact has to be verified?