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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

The Tu-160.


BadTux said...

Ah yes, the B1-ski. Basically a B1B fed steroids and turnips, though the only thing the Soviets really used of the plans they stole was the aerodynamics data, the technology was all theirs either off the shelf or custom developed for the Tu-160. A plane so astoundingly expensive compared to the collapsing Soviet economy that it makes the B2 stealth bomber program seem a model of fiscal sobriety. One wonders why the Russians bother continue keeping their handful of Tu-160's operational, considering how expensive it is to fly and the fact that it does nothing for them that Tu-95 Bear bombers don't do just as well for far less operational costs. I suppose it's a prestige thing... still, they are cool birds, a great example of late Soviet heavy metal even if somewhat impractical in today's world.

Eck! said...

Looks like a cross between the B1 and the Concorde. Pretty looking bird.
I'd list that one as pretty enough to fly even if not practical.


Nangleator said...

Their very long-range anti-ship missiles, launched either from these or Bears, would have made operating carrier task groups in the North Atlantic a risky affair. You know, if the cold war thingy had thawed out.