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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FinFisher, aka FinSpy

It is a monitoring program that is installed covertly onto people's computers. iTunes is/was a prominent transmission vector for the program. Like other such tools, it is sold by a bunch of greedheads who care nothing about freedom or liberty, as long as they can make a blood-soaked dollar (or pound) in the process.

FinSpy is used by a number of governments who don't give a crap about the rule of law.

Including ours.


Nangleator said...

It seems likely that any moderately active PC is probably sending data, or ready to send data, to many different countries. And many different corporations.

This makes every American not just a security risk, but a security leak.

It also makes the American government less and less likely to ever strengthen the Fourth Amendment again.

It's already technologically impossible to fully enact the Constitution of the United States.

Comrade Misfit said...

Not technologically, but politically. Be secure against government intrusion in your home or effects... Lindsey Graham would have the vapors about enacting such protections. The right to a speedy trial, the right to counsel, neither of those would ever make it to a majority of votes in either house of Congress.

And free speech, the right to assemble and to petition your elected representatives... oh, the horrors!

Nangleator said...

We might remember fondly when there were still free speech zones.