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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shorter LAPD: "You'll Get Your New Truck When Hell Freezes Over"

Remember the two women who were shot at during the Dorner manhunt? The LAPD shot their truck to pieces because, to someone with 3/600 vision, their truck looked like Dorner's.

The LAPD was oh, so sorry about that! And they promised to give the two women a new truck.

A promise that they haven't kept. For reasons that amount to bullshit.

So here is a better idea: Don't take the truck, sue the LAPD for about ten pasta-gajillion dollars. And then buy yer own truck.


montag said...

Rumor has it they didn't meet the 110 bullet hole minimum to qualify for a new truck. But the PD will pay for the Bondo to fill in the holes. Heck, every cop knows that a new truck costs way more than any lawsuit or settlement, amirite?

Stupid bastards!

Bridget Magnus said...

I don't understand why their insurance company hasn't already sued LAPD. After all, they sustained a preventable loss.

Unknown said...

These women should, and likely will, sue the cops for a huge amount. They deserve it. The only problem is that it'll be the taxpayers who actually pay for this police incompetence. Those cops should pay, at least with their jobs. Although, I'd be OK with paying for the eye glasses they obviously need.