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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why This Country is so Screwed

In a name: The Majority Leader in the United States Senate, Senator Harry Reid, Democrat from Cnidaria.

Until Reid starts making Republicans pay a price for being obstructionist, they will continue to do just that. They will try to destroy the unions and if that means kneecapping the economy, they will do that. The Republicans will cripple the Obama Administration's legislative efforts because they will pay no price for doing so.

For a guy who supposedly was once a boxer, Reid surprisingly has no taste for political combat. His mantra seems to be "well, what can I do?" I have seen nothing to indicate that he is any kind of leader; all the Republicans have to do is threaten a filibuster and Reid folds his tent and slinks away.

Why the Democrats in the Senate continue to vote for this guy as majority leader is beyond my understanding.

The Three Wise Men really do need to bring these gifts to Reid.


One Fly said...

Please Santa please.

montag said...

And don't forget the bumpernuts for his truck. Every little bit helps.