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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Update the Sound of Music

DCap has a post about the Sound of Music. While I never cared for the movie, I think it may be time to try and update the lyrics for the songs.

We can try the "note song," or whatever the hell it was called.

The first line was: "Do, a deer, a female deer." Ecch. That hardly touches an urban population.

So let's try this: "Do, a mistake, a stupid mistake."

"Re, the guy who jacked my car."

More later, and suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

I always heard,

"Dough -- the stuff that buys me beer
Ray -- the guy who sells me beer
Me-- the guy that drinks my beer
Far -- long way to get a beer
So -- I think I'll have a beer
La --La la la here's my beer
Tea? No thanks, I'm drinking beer
And that leaves me with no dough!"

dguzman said...

"Me--the only thing us fucking self-centered American assholes care about is ourselves..."

Quite possibly the best insult to ever emerge from a word verif: "slubho."