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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Party of Hoover Fucks the Workers

Chimpy caved to the Hooverites in his party and made slashing worker pay at the Big 3 a condition of any Federal loans.

Note that none of the banks or financial institutions were required to do jack shit about executive pay, let alone beating down the wages and benefits paid to the lower levels of their work forces. They were not even required to do anything with the money they got from the Treasury department; they have been free to just stash it away in their vaults, like Scrooge McDuck. The drop in interest rates has solely been due to the Federal Reserve slashing its rates, it has had nothing to do with the money the banks received from the TARP.

This is all about the party of Hoover engaging in union-busting; they are trying to do a reverse Terry Schiavo to the UAW.

I cannot even begin to set down here how much disgust and revulsion I feel for George W. Bush, Sen. Robert Corker and the rest of those soulless douchebags. They will do everything they can to destroy the middle and working classes in this country, which helping to make the top one-tenth of a percent of Americans even richer and richer.

BadTux is right: The goal of the party of Hoover is to turn the United States of America into Mexico North. They really do want to destroy the middle class and the working class, so all that are left are a relatively small handful of rich people and armies of dirt-poor people to work as servants to the rich and to eke out a living at whatever horrific jobs the rich may make available. Their long run plans probably include scrapping compulsory education (above a fourth-grade level) and closing all of the public colleges and universities, for an educated populace is a threat to the society they envision.

The problem for the Hooverites in bringing about their Mexico North plan is that the American people may not stand for it and, unlike the peasantry in Mexico, the people in this country are still relatively well-armed. A decent scoped rifle is still not overly expensive and those "AT&T guns" can hit a target at a quarter-mile without a huge amount of training.

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