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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well, This is Interesting

Remember the man from the party of Hoover who was at the center of allegations that the Republicans stole the presidential vote in Ohio in `04?

He was killed yesterday in the crash of his private plane.

Susie has all of the links at how the dead guy was entangled in allegations of GOP voter fraud.

I have to hand it to the GOP; this is far classier way to off a troubling individual than dragging him into Fort Marcy Park and shooting him in the head.


Anonymous said...

Huh. I didn't see this anywhere this a.m. Interesting.

BadTux said...

Strange how this works out. I guess dead men can't respond to subpoenas to testify, eh?

- Badtux the "Hmmm..." Penguin

Anonymous said...

Come'd they get it to happen on final approach? Gimme a break. Still, it will be so much fun to nag my wingnut buddy, Colin about it as his latest is that 72 people connected with the Clinton administration lawyer who committed suicide, have died...heh heh heh.