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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Iraq War Bookends

Chimpy McStagger on his "Iraq Victory Tour 2003"

Chimpy McStagger on his "Iraq Victory Tour 2008"

I can't be the only person who suspects that the reason why Prime Minister al-Maliki wants our troops gone as fast as possible is that he plans to seize power. But as long as our soldiers are there, in force, he has to play a nice little believer in democracy.

It will all be for naught, we will have deposed one brutal dictatorial regime and installed another at the cost of a trillion dollars and thousands of American lives.


Distributorcap said...

i still think your idea of sending the Bushes all our dirty smelly putrid sneakers would make a great xmas

Dan brock said...

Let's not forget, the first little scene took place in San Diego Harbor.
Apparently they had to turn the boat around so the great man had open ocean visible behind him.
What a world, what a world.