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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Trump and NORK

I hope that the upcoming negotiations with the North Koreans go well, I really do.

But I have two niggling thoughts.

First, I fear that the NORKs are going to play Trump like a ukulele. They'll probably stroke Trump's ego, for Trump's track record is that if he is suitably fluffed, he'll agree to anything.

Second, you can bet your bottom dollar that if any Democratic president had agreed to one-on-one talks, the Warmonger Wing of the GOP, as led by John Bolton and Lindsey Graham, would have lost their collective shit.


B said...

You really shouldn't use terms like "Democratic" to describe the Democrats. "Socialist(ic)" perhaps..."Democrat", yes.

But not "Democratic" that's a misuse of the word.

JustMusing said...

No B, CM did not say the president was a Democrat. Let's look at a general definition of "democratic": a democratic system or organization allows everyone to be treated equally and to be involved in making decisions. That could potentially be a president of any party except the current one. I see Republicans who still have democratic values. Are they socialistic too? Generalizations and broad brush approaches lacking in detail, subtlety, and nuance don't support your "shoulds". I don't see any misuse by CM.

J4rh34d said...

B, "Democratic" IS in the name of one of the major parties. "Democrat" is what one of the other major parties wants to label them, along with other labels.

bmq215 said...

B, are you so out of touch you don't realize that one of the two major political parties in the US is called the "Democratic Party"?? Not "Democrat Party", "Democratic".

As such it makes perfect sense to refer to them by that name...

pigpen51 said...

From the way that the two major parties act, does it really make much difference what you call them, since they are basically mirror images of each other? What one party does is fine, but if the other party does the same thing, all hello breaks loose, as if the entire Union rests upon that one issue.

It is particularly telling when the Republicans get "their" candidate elected into the oval office, and even they can't stand him, and try to fight him at every turn. Unless of course, something happens that the public likes, then Paul Ryan and Mitch and company jump on the bandwagon singing praises of their party and how they personally rescued our country from certain annihilation.

I have found that it is best to ignore the letter behind the name of the individual and instead dig deeper into the voting record and such. If a new person is running for office, they still have a record to look into, it just takes more perseverance. That is called being an informed voter. But I don't look down on a straight ticket voter, either. At least they have the gumption to vote, unlike too many Americans.

Paul said...

what happens if Jong Un does get trump alone and then get him to agree to stuff that would horrify the hell out Mattis/Kelly/the GOP Congress?

We're gonna get a round of He Said/He Said of trump muddying our foreign policy into three or more different directions while North Korea sits back as we implode or alienate our Pacific allies even worse than trump has alienated NATO.

This all plays great to the Deplorable voters in the unemployment lines of Wisconsin and Michigan who are still losing jobs while their CEOs move everything to Mexico and China, but it's going to be a nightmare for the rest of us.

Comrade Misfit said...

Paul, Kim is his surname. Jong Un are his first and middle names.

Unknown said...

You must have taken a wrong turn, Breitbutt is that way>>