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Friday, May 25, 2018

Not a "Mass Shooting"

Probably because an armed citizen capped the shooter.

Much of America is no longer a safe space for homicidal loons looking to stack bodies. Which may be one reason why those ghouls look for places that guarantee that they'll have time to do their deadly work.


Dark Avenger said...

Unfortunately, this is much more representative of the typical American gun owner.


Our thoughts and prayers should be directed to the oven, which was an unwitting accomplice here.

CenterPuke88 said...

Sounds like the typical "Armed Citizen" summary from an old American Rifleman. While those were fun to see and read, after looking into it a bit and seeing how many stories would slant the opposite way, I took less joying in them. I'm glad it happened, in the context of someone shooting the asswipe, but not in terms of where our society has gotten to. Hopefully we'll finally get some useful studies to see why, with crime at longterm lows, we have this issue appearing. Maybe then we can start doing something about these asswipes without fundmental change to our laws? It just feels like either a mental health or environmental chemical issue is a leading candidate, but I'm also worried the influence of a highly interconnected world is significant and very hard to address.

Dark Avenger said...

But, far more typically in America


RJ the paragon said...

I wonder if he is a descendant of the Marshall Bill Tilgeman?

B said...

So, DA and CP: Since you always ask me....Got cites for those? You know, hard numbers? Something to back up your statements?

Or is it your usual condescending bad attitude towards anyone who is't liberal like you?

Dark Avenger said...

It would be nice if the CDC could compile accurate statistics, B. Would you join me by writing your Representative to change Federal law in this regard? Data before discussion sounds reasonable to me.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., my only statement of fact was on crime rates, so:


Otherwise, I’m perplexed by your suggestion that I’m displaying a condescending liberal attitude. So having concern about the willingness of some people to settle conflicts with guns is liberal condescending? Suggesting we try to find a solution without fundenmental change to laws is liberal condescending?

B., you aren’t worth the red card. I’m taking myself outta this game Comrade, to save you the bother...and I’ll stay out while the Right applauds sodomy in prison.

Dark Avenger said...