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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Mini-Trump is Out

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has quit after less than 18 months in office.

Greitens is one of those political snowflakes who believes that laws don't apply to him.

Notably, he quit merely hours after a judge ruled that his sock-puppet charity had to turn over documents to a legislative panel investigating Greitens. He was also facing charges for using his charity for political fundraising, which also may have sparked his desire to go spend more time with his family.

Greitens ripped pages out of the Trump playbook, screaming that it was all a witch hunt driven by the liberal media and George Soros. It didn't work. Republicans have a supermajority i the Missouri legislature and if La Affaire de Greitens was a partisan thing, it would have gained no traction.

But it turned out to be about corruption, believing that one is above the law, malfeasance and a bit of sexual misconduct to add flavor to the recipe of this particular scandal. Even the Republicans had their fill of this guy. And so, he's gone.

Update: Greitens said that he did nothing wrong. But he's resigning. For a guy who so proudly proclaims to have been a Navy SEAL, resigning sounds a bit cowardly.


Nangleator said...

May this country survive all the Republicans that find a need to spend time with their families..

Dark Avenger said...

Thoughts and prayers to his career.