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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ambien Causes Racism?

That's Roseanne Barr's excuse of the day. Apparently, it didn't fly, as she then deleted her "ambien made me do it" tweets.

In a very predictable reaction, Commandante Bone Spurs made it all about him, after his Duty Liar said that Dolt-45 was concerning himself with things that mattered to the nation.

I've never associated morals and ethics with the entertainment industry. They'll tolerate a lot if the money is good. But as the networks become more corporatized (ABC is a Disney subsidiary), they may be getting more risk-adverse or at least less tolerant of racist tomfoolery.

Roseanne, among veering between apologizing and implying that she's the victim, here, said that she's not a racist, but an idiot. The two terms, however, are not mutually exclusive.

Still, it's got to sting for a network to shitcan its top-rated show.


dinthebeast said...

Perhaps the Ambien removed the brakes holding back the racism that was already there?
Responsible drug use, people...

-Doug in Oakland

bearsense said...

She's a rascist AND an idiot.