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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tab Clearing on Trump and His Party of Stupid

The Federal government borrowed nearly $500 billion in the first quarter of this year.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he’s unconcerned about the bond market’s ability to absorb rising government debt after his department said it borrowed a record amount for the first quarter.

“It’s a very large, robust market -- it’s the most liquid market in the world, and there is a lot of supply,” he said in a Bloomberg TV interview on Monday. “But I think the market can easily handle it.”
Riight. Do you remember all of the Republicans who were carping when the Obama Administration was borrowing a shitload of money to try and ameliorate the Great Recession? But now that the economy is doing well, the Republicans are engaging in deficit spending on an unheard-of scale.

The reason is plain to see: They care more about cutting taxes for the wealthy than anything else.
There's lots of speculation in the air as to whether or not Trump is going to pull out of the Iran deal.

Of course he will. He said he would. Just like he pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Accords. And just like his sea-to-shining-sea border wall, which he keeps pushing for, even though everyone else knows it's not going to happen.

What'll likely happen is that some cosmetic changes to the agreement will be made, so he can claim a win
If you go around the news, you'll see that Netanyahu carping about Iran trying to secretly develop a nuclear weapon.

Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. I wouldn't trust Netanyahu to sell me a used hammer.

But beyond that, if there is a country on this planet who should not be complaining about another nation's secret nuclear weapons program, it is Israel.
I wonder of the prospect of a peace deal for the two Koreas has Nikki Haley, John Bolton and Miss Lindsey drinking heavily. They have to be despondent over the prospect of combatus interruptus.

Because, you know, warmongers gotta warmonger.


w3ski said...

Yea about Korea. The power brokers must be shitting bricks about now. Personally I am thrilled at the idea of an actual Peace between the two parts of a Country, as are most of us.
The next thing is how desperate are the 'powers that be' to disrupt that approaching Peace?
Of course Donnie Numbnuts will take credit, that's just who he is, but Peace there is far more valuable than Donnie's desires for pats on the back.
Maybe I am reading too much into whatever deal they are working on, but I for one see "this" on the order of magnitude of the Berlin Wall being pulled down.
History, Again, in my lifetime!

Neal Birch said...

the Nobel prize should go to the Presidents of North and South Korea. Just to make little Donnie's head explode? No, because they are actually doing the work to make this happen,

Anonymous said...

"Warmongers gotta Warmonger." or
Warmongerers gotta Warmonger. or
Warmongerers gotta monger.
Sorry, you put a wordworm into my head.