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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Because Warmongers Gotta Monger

Trump has canceled the summit with North Korea.
The president made his announcement in a remarkably personal, at times mournful-sounding letter to Mr. Kim, North Korea’s leader, in which he cited the North’s “tremendous anger and open hostility” in recent public statements as the specific reason for canceling the meeting.
No, Donnie, me boy, this isn't on Kim. This is all on John Bolton and Mike Pence. Both of those "worthies" have made comments in recent days alluding to the Libyan cessation of its nuclear program as the model for North Korea.

What the North Koreans are aware of and, no doubt, John Bolton, as well, is that things didn't turn out so well for the leader of Libya afterwards. Referring to the "Libyan model" was a direct provocation, which Bolton knew it would be.

Whether or not Pence did, as well, I'm not so sure of. The lad doesn't seem to be terribly smart.

But Bolton did. Bolton was one of those well-connected draft-dodgers who secured a spot in the National Guard, rather than go to Vietnam. He makes no bones about being a draft-dodger, just like other noted chickenhawks, such as Dick Cheney. Bolton wasn't willing to put his precious pink bod on the line for this country, but he sure seems to be awfully eager to fill up Arlington National Cemetery.

As much as I'd grit my teeth, if Trump did secure peace on the Korean Peninsula, he'd damn well deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

And maybe, if Trump realizes that Bolton's mouth is going to cost him that, Trump will throw Bolton back to his permanent job of running his mouth on Fox News.


Wraith said...

All part of the bigger plan.


Come on, EB, you're far from stupid. If you can get over your hatred of all things Trump, take a look at the long game being played here. It's going to be a win for America and hopefully, God willing, a win for Korea. After being used as a pawn for decades by the Big Boys, I'd be overjoyed to see their nation become one reunited people again.

dinthebeast said...

Spare a thought for president Moon and those international journalists who were there to witness the explosion at the nuclear test site at the time the letter was sent.

-Doug in Oakland

Dark Avenger said...

Sorry, but Trump is a loudy negotiator who couldn’t drain piss from a boot unless the instructions were written on the heel.

But thanks for recommending a screed that states the Chinese Premier was outmaneuvered by Trump.

Did you read the letter? It was something that a 15-year old might write to his ex-girlfriend.

CenterPuke88 said...

The "long game" here is certainly Chinese. Any real chance of a summit and agreement was blown to hell with the appointment of Bolton, as we have seen.

Just Musing said...

Forbes ranked Xi Jinping as the most powerful and influential person in the world in 2018. Since he has no term limits and is planning long term (well beyond tomorrow's headlines that Trump and Pence et al. desperately crave), his influence will continue long after Trump and Pence are relegated to historical trash heaps. Trump's me-first gunboat diplomacy has a far greater chance of igniting war than bringing about peace in his time.

Trump's meme's are hatred, division, racism, nativism, misogyny, and fear. Napoléon Bonaparte said “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” The torrent of lies from the White House is only topped by the silence surrounding Republican "leaders".

As for the state of our democracy this is worth a read: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/dismantling-american-democracy

It's easy to see Trump for what he really is - a Fascist.