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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Magic Bullets

ARX bullets are the new hotness, promising supersonic fluids, or something like that.

Color me "unimpressed".

I'll wait until there are a bunch of real-world examples of the bullet functioning, and that can include hunting. We know what hollow-points do. As much as this bullet seems to blow big holes, it's pretty much been proven that a round has to be at over 2,000 fps on target to result in permanent tissue damage from lateral stretching. (Got a free half-hour?)

A non-expanding fast-moving bullet... how's that supposed to slow down unless it hits something hard? Non-expanding bullets fired from service-caliber handguns tend to go through people. Even wadcutters from a .38 will do that. The benefit of a properly-chosen hollowpoint round is that it expends its energy inside your opponent, so that is far less likely to come out the other side and hurt other people.

The various new magic bullets tend to be lubricated, in part, with snake oil. My personal belief is that this is no place to be on the cutting edge. Stick with that which has been proven to work.

On another note: Bravo, Hornady.


B said...

I might try it, if they made it in .32ACP....those tiny, light pocket pistols are a bitch to control. A lighter bullet at warp speed might just be the trick. I only carry 'em when I can't have a gun showing.

but I won't try it in 9mm. THOSE pistols are heavy enough to be easily controlled.

Borepatch said...

It would take quite an impressive bullet to make me switch from .45 ACP hollow points.

Oh, and "lubricated with snake oil" is quote of the day.

SiGraybeard said...

When someone selling something says "we discovered a whole new physical phenomenon", as in ...“A new phenomenon has been realized,” Shultz said. “NovX can achieve breaking the liquid sound barrier, actually causing a sonic boom inside whatever water-based material it may encounter—water, clay, gel, flesh, blood, et cetera.” they really need to show some proof: pictures, videos, mathematical justifications, or something besides "we say so".

New phenomena are not exactly common these days, so "extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence" is still a good principle.

3383 said...

They go through bone but not walls?
Sounds believable!

Sriously, though- they fragment smaller? I don't want that done to game, and I don't think surgery on wounded people needs that complication.