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Monday, May 7, 2018

Babbling Rudy

So Giuliani goes on news show and dismisses what he had said earlier as "rumors": Does that mean that he's just spreading bullshit?

I don't understand the strategy being used, but I suspect that he and Trump are just throwing random shit against a wall to see what sticks and what doesn't.


J4rh34d said...

Gish Gallop is in play.

Deadstick said...

7 AM and I already learned something today...

Comrade Misfit said...

I did not know that there was a term for that.

hans said...

Very interesting... maybe it's just Rudy getting back for all the jerking around he got from T, like Rudy thought he was up for AG or State...

CenterPuke88 said...

Pish posh on gish gallop. That would require a whole lot more weak and farcical arguments than Rudy has made so far. I’m wondering myself what’s behind door number 2 while Rudy is pulling all the attention. The only real strategy we’ve seen Donnie pull is a version of three card monte, so they my will be trying to hide something else by teasing the possibility of more NDAs. Get the press sniffing around for hidden booty calls ans NDAs while you run the real issue out the front door and into a waiting limo (or undisclosed location/facility).

dinthebeast said...

Senility perhaps? They're both in their seventies and probably not at the top of their games...

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

There's other people handling these two idiots. Somethings going on, maybe it's another distraction to keep the press occupied while the other shit goes down. We all know people in their 70's. They sleep like 3 times a day! You could be telling your 72 yr old dad how you just won a Pulitzer and 30 seconds in his head is tipped back and his jaw is slacked with snoring sounds. C'mon these two clowns are no different then any other 70 something. We give them all too much credit just like Reagan for christ sake. St Ronnie my ass. Dude was fucking asleep for most of his term and good thing because he was just as stupid as trump. Being evil will help you stay awake, like Cheney. He never slept unless he was dreaming of stealing someone's heart. Trump isn't evil. He's a fucking stupid guy with a silver spoon that pissed all his money away and then made a deal with the Russian mob that he can't get out of. Now he's in a position someone else got him in and he's stuck obeying else his phony empire comes crashing down on him. The Republican party of traitors that will do anything to preserve their power at all cost will keep enabling the dope, hoping the Russians will help them out come November. They don't give a rats ass about the country, the constitution or about us. Power and money. The Dems act like they care but I don't see much there either. All the old fucks must retire. Do over. Vote them all out. Both sides. We need some young innocent but smart brains in there and yes they'll fuck up but at least it will be an honest mistake and not some blatant screwing masked as conservatism or phoney centrist shit called liberalism.

OK. Where's that bottle? Ah. Good night.

w3ski said...

Good old Rudy. He seemed to be just your average washed up politico for some time now.
Then, and I forgot who he was speaking with, Rudy denied "there was ever a Terrorist Attack on our soil during the Bush Years".
OK, I understand senility a bit, but my God? The man should have gone on to a rest home for that one.
I can only assume his brain has turned to Swiss Cheese.
Now here is he hired by tRump, whose faculties are deeply in question to start, and it does bring a pause.
Is it just two old duffers trying to go out in a bang together, or is it some kind of distraction? I am of the "two old duffers" camp. They just can't make a decent conscious thought between them.