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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Stop Talking About Those Asswipes

Even the New York Times is slowly beginning to realize that the nearly obsessive press coverage of school shooters and their methods is a factor in why there are more and more school shootings.

About fucking time. They're certainly not listening to me. Because the amendment to the Bill of Rights that they operate under is sacred to them.

But talk about this with most reporters and I'll bet that they give you the "those who will trade freedom for security" line attributed to Ben Franklin while, in the next breath, telling you why you should give up your guns.


Old NFO said...

OF course... First rule of media, if it bleeds, it leads!!! Sigh...

Aaron said...

You're quite right. Beyond a report of an initial identification and discovery of motive, if any, they should simply cease any further reference to the perpetrator.

When even the American Psychological Association is coming out stating that Media Contagion is a factor in the number and extent of school shootings, youknowits a problem.

If you have a strong enough stomach you can check out the recently released footage from the asswipe of Parkland's videos where he literally says why he did it - so people would know who he is and he would be seen on the news. Media then accommodated him and made him famous.

Giving mentally ill nihilists the promise that they'll be made famous if they go out and kill as many people as they can is a really bad incentive.

3383 said...

News is for entertainment now and viewer/ reader numbers are by far the most important goal.
Sensationalism pays the bills.