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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Incomprehensible Legal Strategy

President* Donald Trump has denied any money from his campaign was used to buy an adult film actor's silence over an affair he says never happened.

He admitted in a tweet lawyer Michael Cohen had paid off Stormy Daniels during the campaign and was reimbursed.
There was a time when I worked in a law firm that had a few clients who were rather wealthy. I never ever saw a lawyer advancing funds to a client out of his or her own pocket.

Trump, at the time, was running for office. Cohen paid off Stormy to keep her from talking about an affair that Trump denies took place. It's hard to see how that payment can be construed as anything other than a loan to the Trump campaign. Trump, by paying Cohen back, if he used his own money, made a donation to his own campaign. Which he is free to do, but I'm reasonably certain that both the loan and the repayment were transactions that were required to be reported.

Also, it seems that the Stormy payment came from a California bank. Which might open another can of worms for The Donald.

So I don't see how this admission that "yeah, I paid Mikey for that" does anything for Trump. Giuliani thinks so, but there are lawyers in practice who were not born when Giuliani was last actively working as a lawyer.

Update: The press corps is roasting Huckabee-Sanders for lying.


CenterPuke88 said...

2017 Campaign Finance Statements are filed and signed...a clear violation, just not clear which rule was violated. If Cohen stumped up the money, its an illegal loan; if Donnie’s payment was forwarded, it’s a violation for not being disclosed. Of more interest to me, is a NDA, unsigned by a party, enforceable? I have heard that if the party that didn’t sign it acts as if it was agreed upon, it might be considered enforceable...does our Comrade have a thought?

DTWND said...

How can we believe anything this buffoon blabs about?


At this point, even he says we’ve achieved peace on the Korean Peninsula it cannot be believed. There have been posters coming on this forum claiming that the complainers have Trump Derangement Syndrome. The ‘TDS’ sufferers are those that cannot accept their candidate is a lying moron and that they wasted their vote by being taken in by this guy. Those people are the ones that are truly ‘deranged’.


Comrade Misfit said...

TDS is Trump Delusion Syndrome.

3383 said...

I thought TDS was Trump Derangement Syndrome, the analogue to CDS.