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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Still Waiting for the Sixteen Congressional Investigations to Begin

The deaths of four special forces soldiers in a small corner of Niger known as Tongo Tongo was the largest loss of American military life in Africa since the "Black Hawk Down" killings in Somalia 25 years ago.

Now an investigation into their killing last October, has found "individual, organisational and institutional failures and deficiencies" contributed to their deaths.
If this had happened a year earlier, Devin Nunez and his merry pack of trolls would have commenced investigation afer investigation before the last soldier was in the earth. You would have been hearing about Niger nearly nonstop from the Right Wing Noise Machine: What were the soldiers doing there, why were there no reinforcements available and so on. They'd have found a relative or to to spout conspiracy theories.

But because this happened under Trump, all you're hearing from the trolls who were bleating about Benghazi is: Crickets.


Borepatch said...

OT, but don't know if you saw the Court Martial report for the USS Fitzgerald OOD trial:


Comrade Misfit said...

I saw that. I admire her for taking the hit.

But I fear that Big Navy is going to dust its hands, call it done, and ignore the systemic problems with lack of training of SWOs.

This one belongs to the beancounters.

CenterPuke88 said...

Jesus, they are certainly responsible after that summary of failures and training issues! What a terrible read that must be for any SWO or watchstander.