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Friday, May 4, 2018

Ah, the Sweet Stench of Corruption; Bureau of Prisons Ed.

The Bureau of Prisons is rescinding a program that required inmates to purchase books from an approved vendor at a 30% markup. That was apparently over list price. The BoP also forbade families from sending greeting cards or any card that had kids drawing or writing with crayons.

The latter policy just reeks of institutional sadism.

The book markup program sounds like somebody is getting something for it. Inmates, who could buy used books through Amazon, now had to buy at full retail plus 30%, which probably ended up doubling or tripling the cost of a book. It'd be an interesting investigatory project to find out who contracted with this unnamed vendor for gouging the prisoners.

For it's a possibility that somebody's palm was getting greased in some manner.


B said...

I can understand not having books shipped directly from relatives or friends, but the rest?

And the 30% markup reeks of a payoff.

Everyone in the chain that approved this should be fired and/or prosecuted.

Comrade Misfit said...

Agreed. And if convicted, they can be restricted to buying their books from the Needless Markup vendor.