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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Devin Nunes Should be Charged With Treason and Hung

Devin Nunes outed a confidential foreign intelligence source in order to score political points.

I would snark that Jonathan Pollard's cell might be available, but the rules are different for Republicans. When they out American intelligence officers and assets, nothing happens to them. Because Republicans make no bones about being more loyal to their party than they are to their nation.


B said...

"Donald Trump did not leak the name of an intelligence source, and the record is not at all clear that Devin Nunes or his staff did so either."

If they can be proven to have done so, Fry 'em. But it's gotta be more than innuendo. And pretty much just innuendo at this point. Lots of that going around from DNC types these days.

The Hound said...

Trump is the tip of the iceberg. The Trump supporters are also traitors. https://criminaldonaldtrump.blogspot.com/

Dark Avenger said...

How did innuendo allow Robert Mueller to bag 5 guilty pleas, one jail sentence, and the cooperation of Manafort’s ex-son-in-law?

dinthebeast said...

I just hope Nunes loses his seat in November. I can't vote against him because he's in a different district, but I did vote for Villaraigosa and De Leon in the hopes that they will come in second in the primary and keep Republicans off of the ballot in the general for governor and senator. With any luck at all, that will depress Republican turnout enough to get rid of Nunes, McCarthy, Rohrabacher, Duncan Hunter, and the five or so remaining Republicans not retiring this year in a state that the Democratic candidate won by almost thirty points in the last election.
By my count that would be 14 of the 32 seats we need to flip the house if you count Issa and the other retiree.
I don't think we'll get them all, but we have to try for as many as we can if we ever want to see this bullshit stop.

-Doug in Oakland

3383 said...

din- Take your party back from the machine that put roadblocks in Sanders' way.

We'll be voting either way :)

Hopefully Trump will retire (I don't like him either), but goddam, do y'all want Pence? I think Trump (or someone else) shrewdly chose Pence as a poison pill.