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Monday, September 14, 2015

The Ferguson Commission

The report is being released today. 198 pages.

It'll probably be nicely-bound, where it will fit on a shelf besides other reports that were released with a big splash and then ignored. Like the report of the Kerner Commission.

Because the small pissant towns around St. Louis that exist for no good reason (look up St. Anne, MO sometime) aren't going away. Those towns get a lot of their funding from using the cops and the courts to shake people down.

The cops aren't interested in giving up their perceived right to abuse and kill minorities. (It's still legal in Mo for a cop to shoot a person fleeing an arrest.) The state legislature is controlled by the party of the Confederacy, which is basically just fine with the cops thumping and shooting those people.

I'd like to hope that things will change. I'm cynical about it.

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