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Friday, September 25, 2015

Because It's Friday

Steel-on-steel can sometimes be a bitch for getting traction.


Old NFO said...

They must have dropped all their sand earlier... :-)

FrankC said...

Likely a whole bunch of "dents" in the rails now.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Surprising video. The opening scene looks like someone's model railroad. The juddering noise that the train makes when the wheels slip was unexpected. Did you notice the way the second trike tilted when it ran over a rock just before parking? The driver gets out, walks around the back, picks up the rock and puts in front of the left rear wheel. I alway thought the chuffing of the steam engine was from steam expended from the cylinders, but watching the wheels slowly turning while the engine chuffs away tells me that is not the case.

Will said...

Insufficiently heavy engine for the train weight/track incline, it appears. I wonder if they could add ballast water tanks to be filled when they have to deal with that combination?

LRod said...

Chuck, that rythymic chuffing sound heard intermittently and not in synch with any of the wheel motion was likely the air compressor, which is usually located on the near side of the loco. We only saw the off side, so can't verify it.

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