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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Texas: Racist, Crazy, or Both.

So a kid in Irving, Texas built an electronic clock out of parts. He took it to school to show his teachers.

But, because the kid has the name "Ahmed Mohammed", everybody freaks out, the cops get called, the kid gets hauled off in handcuffs and they may charge him for bringing a fake bomb to school.

No matter which room that kid is in this process, including the courtroom, he'll be the smartest one in it. Which may not be hard in Texas.


dinthebeast said...

The president invited him to the White House, and Mark Zuckerberg has offered to meet with him at Facebook HQ. People who run schools shouldn't be so stupid. I don't have any degrees, and I knew from a glance that it wasn't a bomb.

-Doug in Oakland

BadTux said...

As Doug said, the thing doesn't look anything like a bomb. It looks like a LED panel with its attached controller circuit board, a second circuit board with actual logic on it, and a small transformer, all in a box too small to hide any kind of explosives. You'd have to be an idiot to think it looks like a bomb. Or a member of the Irving ISD staff or Irving PD, but I repeat myself.

CenterPuke88 said...

If the police had honestly thought it even might be a bomb, they would have left the case there, evacuated the school, and blown up the case in place. That they decided not to do that but also decide to arrest a 14 year-old on charges that require him to have done what they agree he hadn't done (suggest it was a bomb to scare people) is telling. If anyone should be arrested on hoax bomb charges, the English teacher should be. But the school district and city have doubled down and upheld the 3 day suspension and the arrest as proper, morons.