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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Talking to the Cops

Always a bad idea. Not just the Feds, but all of them.


BadTux said...

Yeah, I know a former cop who says that most of the people he put in jail talked themselves into jail. He didn't have to do anything except put them in a room and be friendly and attentive, and they practically fell all over themselves in their eagerness to tell him they didn't do anything wrong when they did X Y or Z that was patently illegal. He, too, has put this video up on his blog multiple times. He also says that the people he arrested as criminals were such losers that they could have viewed this video a half dozen times and *still* ended up going to jail, LOL.

3383 said...

"I Don't Answer Questions."

bearsense said...

Lots to be said for "Name, Rank and Serial Number," eh ?