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Monday, September 14, 2015

Shorter CIA Director: "Saying Mean Things About Us Is an Act of Treason."

CIA Director John Brennan suggested that negative public opinion and "misunderstanding" about the US intelligence community is in part "because of people who are trying to undermine" the mission of the NSA, CIA, FBI and other agencies. These people "may be fueled by our adversaries," he said.

FBI Director James Comey referred to the backlash against his lobbying for backdoors into encrypted communications provided by the technology industry as "venom and deep cynicism" that are making a rational discussion about what could and should be done nearly impossible.
And, of course, they blame Edward Snowden. Sort of like a bank robber blames an informant for snitching on him, in that the bank robber never bothers to consider that maybe he wouldn't be in prison for bank robbery if he hadn't been sticking up banks.

The overall fuckery and lies of the people running the intelligence services need hardly be discussed here. It is an established fact that they have treated the civil liberties and privacy rights of Americans as something quaint, like starched collars and high-button shoes. They either don't understand basic computer encryption theory or they are lying about it.

They bemoan the lack of trust Americans have in them, all the while forgetting that trust is something that, if bestowed, can easily be lost and is almost impossible to regain. Where they are, right now, trying to win over people who don't trust them, is in a bed of their own design.

They can all take a flying fuck at the Moon.


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