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Friday, September 4, 2015

Guns and the Asshole of Rowan County

The asswipe county clerk's term of office ends in January, 2019. So one might expect the judge to keep her in jail until then, or until she agrees to follow the rule of law.

If you got a job at Denny's and then you refused to serve the Lumberjack Slam because it's a sin to eat pork products, you'd be out of a job in a femtosecond. If a Muslim at the DMV refused to issue driver's licenses to women because it's a sin for women to drive, the same worthies who are backing Asswipe would be marching on the DMV with torches and ARs.

If you work for the government and you can't follow the law because it conflicts with your morality, you have two and only two choices: Obey the law or quit. You don't like the law, work to change it. You can't change the law, then hell, try for a revolution. But no, you don't get to hold down your cushy job and deny services to people because you don't approve of them.

The wingnuts who are trying to compare Asshole to Rosa Parks are so full of shit that it's coming out their ears. Parks wasn't asking to kick honkies off the bus. No, Asshore is better compared to George Wallace's infamous stand in the schoolhouse door or Orval Fabus's closing of the Little Rock schools to keep black kids out of white schools.


I'm late to the party on this one, but there is now a new method of carrying a handgun that is even more unsafe than Mexican carry.


My training regimen for the Model 17 is this: One relay, slow-fire, weak hand; one relay, slow fire, strong hand; two relays, rapid fire, strong hand. I don't anticipate having to shoot a match with my weak hand, but it wouldn't hurt to better my ability to shoot with that hand.

I've gotten into the high 80s from time to time in rapid fire. I changed from getting my first shot off single-action to all double-action, only because I don't end up relocating my trigger finger.

This week, on slow fire, I shot an 88 and a 79 with my strong hand. I was routinely shooting high 50s, low 60s, so this is and improvement (Winchester white-box bulk-pack ammo).


Screech said...

This asshole clerk isn't Rosa Parks, she's the bus driver.

dinthebeast said...

I wonder how she would have felt if a Catholic county clerk had denied her her fourth marriage license?

-Doug in Oakland

Marc said...

This seems a little too pat. I have a feeling there is a kkkonservative sugar daddy or organization in the weeds helping her 'stand her religious ground'. If she wants to stay in jail until her term runs out, so be it, but her freshness date will have expired, and she won't be worth anything to her supporter(s).

I'm gonna say that her lawyer (is he working for free, or is someone footing his bill? (I assume she isn't drawing a paycheck while in jail.)), will eventually (sooner than later) advise his client to either (A) Do her job, or, (B) Resign from her post. I'm gonna say (B), since that carries more weight among the base when you're claiming to be 'persecuted' for your 'faith'. Eventually she'll climb off her cross ('cause someone else could use the wood), and settle into a wingnut welfare slot.

Tam said...

"(I assume she isn't drawing a paycheck while in jail.))"

Government employees draw a paycheck until they are no longer government employees, and government employees cannot be summarily fired. Due process is required for any government action against an individual, including firing a government employee, and has been since the Roosevelt administration.

I ass-u-me this applies to government employees that were elected as well as the kind that were just hired normally.

Comrade Misfit said...

Tam, as an elected official, she'll draw her paycheck until she's left office (resignation, electoral defeat or refusing to run gain) or she's impeached by the state legislature (not bloody likely).

Marc, you can bet the ranch that she's not paying a dime in legal fees.

CenterPuke88 said...

A quick check shows she swore an oath (Section 228, Constitutiom of the State of Kentucky) to uphold the Constitutiom of both the United States of America and the State of Kentucky, "so help me God." Nowhere In there did it say "unless it violates my religious beliefs", she has violated the oath she swore upon assuming office, The problem is that there is no clear penalty for this, unlike the penalties listed for failure to perform her duties (both misdemeanors). Unfortunately, there is no removal from office provision in those penalties either. If she were not elected, being absent from her office without leave would be grounds for furing/removal, but I can't find any such provision for an elected official.

We're pretty much down to either the Legislature clarifying the law and removing her objection or impeaching her onesie wearing butt. Either way, she's in the can till January, on the taxpayer's dime. Of course, she could use the time to knit Christmas presents for the county.

BadTux said...

Aww jeeze, I just read Chairwoman Kim's counsel's appeal of the contempt of court ruling. Basically, it boils down to "Governor Brashear made me do it!" Which ranks right up there with "My dog ate my homework!"

Look, I realize that counsel has to put forward any conceivably plausible argument that will get his client out of jail. But at least they can *try* to put together one that passes the laugh and giggle test! Governor Brashear may indeed have liability under *state* law, but a Federal court doesn't determine liability based on state law, it determines liability under Federal law -- and Title VII requiring reasonable accommodation only applies to private employers, not to elected officials. And even there, this judge went above and beyond the call of duty to offer her a reasonable accommodation -- i.e., having her assistants issue the marriage licenses for gay couples. She *rejected* the reasonable accommodation that was offered.

Her council's other assertion is that the mandate to issue SSM licenses won't hold. That one is a non-starter. The Supremes rejected it last week without comment, and certainly aren't going to overturn a ruling they made only two months ago just to satisfy this dipwad.

And their final assertion is that this violates Chairwoman Kim's free speech rights. Despite, well, not doing so. She's still free to speak in opposition to same sex marriage.

So I'm completely baffled by their "argument". It reads as if they were channeling Caribou Barbie's authentic frontier gibberish, rather than making a legal argument. I repeat my earlier statement: Did these people get their law licenses out of a box of Cheerios?!

BadTux said...

CP88, yes, either she can be impeached, or Gov. Brashear can give her what she wants, or she can resign. Those are the only three things that will get her out of jail. This ludicrous "appeal" she just filed certainly won't, the appeals court is going to have a hard time writing their decision turning it down, they'll be laughing so hard.

Comrade Misfit said...

There is a classical way to sum up that appeal: " It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

While it's hard to predict how the 6th Circuit will act, the record is clear that the clerk stood in open court and, in essence, told the judge to go stuff it.

Davis sought out martyrdom. It is unseemly of her to complain that the nails hurt her hands.