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Monday, September 21, 2015

125 Million Reasons to Legalize Pot

That's what Colorado expects to reap in taxes in 2015 on the sale of marijuana.

Don't forget that it was the promise of revenue that brought lottery games to almost every state in the country. Other states aren't going to be able to resist the pull of being able to both add hundreds of millions per year to their state coffers, as well as cut out a lot of the expenses for a segment of the Fiasco Against Drugs.


Murphy's Law said...

Wow. I'll bet we could make a ton of tax money of we legalized meth and heroin, prostitution and kiddie porn, too.

Not a supporter of the idea here. I was going to retire to Colorado originally, but not any more. I'd just wind up killing some smug no-job-having hippie who moved there to be able to buy weed with his EBT card.

dinthebeast said...

I don't know, Murph, most of the hippies I know are really good shots with their firearms. You might want to rethink that one, or maybe think about it at all in the first place.

-Doug in Oakland

Sevesteen said...

Murphy's Law, there's a huge difference between allowing (and taxing) people doing stupid things to themselves and allowing people to abuse children. If prohibition only affected druggies, I'd still be against it just not as strongly--but a lot of their "protection" from themselves spills over on to the rest of us.