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Monday, February 2, 2015

Who is Buying Our Politicians; State Edition

The big donors to state (not Federal) elections in `14.

Besides being the #1 individual donor, Bruce Rauner* dropped $27.6 million of his own money to become governor of Illinois. Which is a pittance compared to the money that Mikey the Nudgenick Bloomberg spent on his mayoral campaigns**, but to be fair, Bloomberg has a shitload more money than Rauner.

Other than ego, one wonders why these guys feel such a need to buy themselves a political job. Is it so that they can bypass the middleman when it comes to grinding their heels into our faces?
* Funny thing about Rauner: He ran on a platform of controlling state spending. But the very first thing he did was jack up the salaries for his lackeys.

** Including the one where he got rid of term limits so he could run for a third time. The rules don't apply to the richest folk in the way that they do to the rest of us.


dinthebeast said...

What else are they gonna buy with all that money? Houses and cars are cheap and boring to them. Power is exciting,

-Doug in Oakland

Robert Fowler said...

"We the people" are so screwed.

Mike R said...

Bingo Doug, hit the nail on the head, power it is. Proves that the little people need them and that they are really our guiding lights. Has a side benefit that they can also help set policy to increase their wealth and buy more power. Super win for the rich guys, larger shit sandwich for the rest of us.

Old NFO said...

It's all about power...