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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pros and Amateurs; Gunnie Edition

There is an old military saying that "amateurs discuss tactics, professionals discuss logistics".

Another item that professionals consider is maintainability. A lot of people, myself included, have noted that Glock aggressively prices the guns it sells to departments. Cops can buy Glocks at discounts and it's dead-nuts certain that when Glock sells a few thousand to a large department, the pricing is really sweet.

But there is another reason why Glocks are ruling the LEO roost: Maintainability. As Hilton Yam points out, rebuilding a Glock with all new parts takes all of fifteen minutes for someone who has attended the 1-day Glock armorer's class. And Yam isn't the only one holding that opinion.

When you own one or two of something, maintenance might not be a major concern. Most people get along fine with just cleaning their guns and maybe wiping them down from time to time. But when you're running an organization that has a lot of things, keeping the gear running is a serious concern. Being able to quickly fix things is a plus. For when you're paying people to do the maintenance and repairs, time indeed is money.


mikey said...

There's a lot to admire about the Glocks, I suppose. But in my limited experience with them (I had a 17 and got my wife a 19) I just don't like the way they shoot. Muzzle flip seemed really excessive, and getting back on target for follow up shots was a wrestling match. Mechanically, they're swell, and it seems they are financially preferable - certainly the SiGs and HKs are more expensive - but meh...

mikey said...

Also, growing up around a bunch of deer hunters and wildcatters, they always said "Amateurs talk about guns, Shooters talk about bullets"...

bearsense said...

I'm happy with my three M1911s (1 Colt and two Baers . Over 100 years of experience can't be bad.