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Thursday, February 12, 2015


I picked up a brochure the other day for a "tactical handgun" match. There was some stuff about needing an IDPA-permissible holster (whatever the hell that means), but the only description of the gun was a "tactical handgun", 9mm or better.

What the hell is a "tactical handgun"? Is it this thing?

Or this?

Do we need to track down Gecko45 and ask him?


GolFoxtrot Yankee said...

Whatever the result, we must get Ivan Chesnokov's opinion on the matter: http://www.m1-garand-rifle.com/ivan-chesnokov.php

hans said...

I ain't laughed so long n so well in ages... Chesnokov RULES!

Anonymous said...

I guess this is opposed to a "strategic handgun" - with ... an ICBM launch attachment?

Nangleator said...

Where's the scary shark mouth nose art?