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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Spy in Your Pocket

The NSA and the GCHQ (British NSA) have hacked into the database of the maker of SIM cards, the little gizmos that tell a mobile phone what number it is and what networks to use.

Which pretty much means that those two nests of vipers can listen into almost every cell phone on the planet, including all of the phones on the networks of the major wireless companies in the US.

Yes, those bastards can definitely hear you now.


mikey said...

If you have any concerns, buy a pre-paid phone with cash (make sure it is a model with a removable battery). Never bring it in the house with the battery in it - the key idea is that if you can't use ecryption to protect yourself, you have to break the link between the information on your phone and who you are.

Of course, most of the time I'm just mikey, so I use my regular smartphone, and if I can still use strong encryption to communicate from my computer - if you use it correctly, they still can't break it.

On any occasion that I want to talk anonymously, I just leave my smart phone at the house (where it duly reports to the listeners that's where I must certainly be at the time), and I take my burner phone with me - inserting the battery once I'm well away from my home address. Then I can have my more sensitive conversations in peace...

w3ski said...

Almost funny this happening now. I have only a throw away cell and I only use it when traveling. I just went to reload it with minutes for an upcoming trip and guess what? They invalidated the sim card! A new 'updated' one is on the way but what the heck? I guess I must have bought the phone before NSA got to put in their own cards.
Now I am unsure as to how to use it. Do I say Hi to the NSA before the party answers or after?
just a wondering

Comrade Misfit said...

Maybe everyone should start slipping in "death to the NSA" into their phone conversations? The Brits can use GCHQ instead and everyone else can switch between the two.

Nangleator said...

They had to hack? The companies didn't just hand over everything?

Oh. A fig leaf.