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Thursday, February 19, 2015

When They Feel the Heat, They See the Light; Wal-Mart Ed.

Walmart is set to give half a million workers a pay raise in the next six months, the company announced on Thursday. The US’s largest private employer is increasing the pay of about 40% of its employees as it fights to stave off criticism of its low wages. ... Workers will make at least $9 an hour, $1.75 above the federal minimum wage. By February of next year, the company says it will pay its workers at least $10 an hour.
Walmart has been a social parasite, in that they have paid people so poorly that their workers have been on government assistance. In effect, the taxpayers have been subsidizing Walmart's pay scale. Full-time workers will be paid slightly more, but it still will be low enough that we'll continue to subsidize Walmart's labor costs.

1 comment:

bearsense said...

Interesting also, WalMart stock dropped.
If they'd announced they were laying off 10% of the workers, it would have risen.
What a system.