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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Who Gives a Shit About Mr. Rip-and-Read?

Seriously. The guy's job is to look pretty on network TV and read from a teleprompter.

So he was telling a few tall tales about his own experiences. How does that pass the "So, What" test?

The guy's a news-reader. It's not as if he was exactly Tim Hetherington or Dickey Chappelle.

But yeah, this'll leave a mark:


D. said...

This is making me long for the days of Drew Pearson, who I was too young to read in the first place. (I do remember Jack Anderson.)

Deadstick said...

And we gave Saint Ronnie a pass when he claimed he'd been present at the liberation of Holocaust camps...

mikey said...

My brain wants to agree with you, but my heart wants to see some of these rich, insulated fucks face SOME occasional consequences, even for something trivial and stupid. We've just reached a point where the protected class can skate on anything, and if we're not going to prosecute bankers and torturers, well, maybe we can at least fire Brian Williams for being a smug bullshitter...