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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Helpful Hint for Criminals

Doughnut shops are not the best places to hide out after pulling a heist.
Police arrested a man suspected of robbing a bank in New Jersey ... an officer spotted a man matching the description of the suspect near the entrance of a Dunkin Donuts drinking coffee.


ShortWoman said...

America Runs To Dunkin ;-)

BadTux said...

That ranks right there in the annals of dumb criminals with the geniuses who robbed a donut shop in New Orleans a decade or so ago -- the one right across from NOPD headquarters. They barely had their guns out before they were drawn down on by a half dozen customers -- a half dozen customers *still in uniform*, no less.


Of course, the smart criminals know better than to rob donut shops. They know that the *real* money is on Wall Street :).