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Monday, February 2, 2015

Good, We Can Now Dispense With Those Messy Trials

Because according to this clown, an affidavit to support a request for an arrest warrant (which said clown thinks is an arrest warrant) is all that one needs to prove that somebody broke the law.

Did David Gregory break the law? Probably, and so did the staffers at Meet the Press. The reason, of course, why Gregory and his staffies weren't arrested was because it would have made the D.C. legal system look both stupid and petty. Like any government bureaucracy, avoiding doing things that is going to get your bosses, especially the HMFICs, in trouble is Job 1. Both the prosecutor and the mayor would rather deal with having gun rights people angry at them (which was already true), than having hordes of reporters from the national press companies calling them to ask why they're harassing a reporter.


CenterPuke88 said...

Perhaps we can have these guys and the Open Carry-Tarrant County clowns do a pay-per-view cage match to the death? It'll reduce stupidity by a small amount, and provide us with the names and addresses of those dumb enough to watch it as well.

B said...

Equal protection under the law and all that, right?