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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pass the Black Crepe; TV Edition

Well, foo!
Jon Stewart, the comedian who turned Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” into a sharp-edged nightly commentary on the news, the people behind it and the media reporting (and sometimes misreporting) it, said on Tuesday that he would step down from the program after more than 16 years as its anchor.
It'll be interesting to see if they put someone in who can do the same sort of work as Jon Stewart (and John Oliver) does. I suspect they'll find someone who can do the job.


BadTux said...

Like Walter Cronkite, he'll regret this. Walter Cronkite spent the next twenty years of his life regretting that he retired from CBS News... of course, Walter was doing real news, while Jon is doing fake news, so maybe it's not the same. Except Jon's fake news is the only real news on television some days. SIGH.

Deadstick said...

Another blog is speculating that he's been offered Brian Williams's job...sounds too good to be true.

BadTux said...

I can't imagine that, Deadstick. His bosses at CC let him do pretty much anything he wanted to do, but once you're part of Big Corporate News, you do what they tell you to do -- or else. I can't see Jon being happy in that milieu, or lasting long there.

Comrade Misfit said...

I can't see the news gurus at NBC asking a comedian to take over the anchor desk. They'll want some guy who has some news cred, even if it was doing rip-and-read on the ten o'clock news in Tulsa.

3383 said...

Fake news? I thought they used the real news, then laughed at it.

Old NFO said...

It makes one wonder why he's leaving... He's had a gold mine there, like him or not.

Joe said...

I can see why he's leaving. What else is there for him to accomplish? Former staff from the Daily Show are ruling TV these days.

I have to imagine he looks at Senator Franken and thinks, "hmmm."