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Monday, May 26, 2014

Today Should Not Be Memorial Day (and Please Stop With the Thanking Veterans Today)

Rant the First: Do not go up to a veteran today and thank him or her for serving because it's Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a lineal descendant of Decoration Day, which began as a day to honor those who had died serving in the Grand Army of the Republic, a/k/a the Union Army. Memorial Day is for honoring the dead. Veterans Day for honoring the living as well.

Thanking a veteran on Memorial Day could be construed as saying "you should only die soon."

So knock that shit off.

Rant the Second: Today should not be Memorial Day. It should be on May 30th.

Maybe I should just specify this yearly rant as a "continuing objection", or something.

But we, as a nation, moved Veterans' Day back to the anniversary of the World War I Armistice. This is supposed to be the day to honor those who have served and who had their lives ripped away from them.

It's not supposed to be a day to get a jump-start on the summer or the day to get twenty percent off on cheap-jack Chinese shit. That's just ignoble capitalistic debasement of a once-noble holiday.


Constitutional Insurgent said...

My sentiments exactly. I'm avoiding people today, for fear of what I might do if somebody tells me "Happy memorial Day"

bearsense said...

Was "congratulated" today at the gym. Said "thanks, but Memorial Day is May 30th."
Have my 2012 post scheduled for the day.

Deadstick said...

Ah yes, Veterans Day...if you're a mail carrier or a DMV clerk you get the day off, but if you're only a veteran you have to go to work.

Unknown said...

Growing up in the 50s, sharing a dinner table with WW II vets, I was taught to observe Armistice Day as a celebration of the END of war.

Perhaps we as a society would do well to set aside a day for peace, as well.

Comrade Misfit said...

That might be nice to do, danny, but it seems pretty clear that for our species, peace is an illusion.

Unknown said...

GREAT story, Comrade. Thanks. As one of the commenters noted, the author should expand that into a short story.